I’ve been making a real effort to improve my health and fitness this year (it’s going pretty well!) and one thing that’s helped is to track key metrics — calories, sleep, exercise etc. For the most part I’ve been using a big spreadsheet, and every morning putting in the entries from various sources:

  • Withings Smart Scale
  • Whoop Activity Tracker
  • MyFitnessPal Food Diary
  • Plus a couple of other bits (e.g. water / alcohol intake)

This has gradually become more and more of a chore to do, but I’ve stuck with it because seeing the data go the right way keeps…

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This is a list of stuff that I’m using to keep on track, fitness-wise.


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‘Why aren’t you hitting your targets Clive? We’ve got untapped markets to exploit Michelle, let’s get out there and smash it!’ This is, I imagine how a sales-driven performance review might go. Or it might not. I’ve no idea, and I don’t think I’d be very good at selling stuff. Fortunately, I don’t have to and my personal performance review is with myself and I’m quite comfortable setting myself unreasonable targets, telling myself to fuck off, then making up later over a beer and laughing about it all.

So how has it all being going. First of all, I had…

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This is the latest account of my road to fitness, of which the previous entry is here. There are no zombies.

February was tricky

When I started this thing I said there were a few things that could throw me off — injury, motivation, lack of discipline, or just some random part of life getting in the way. For such a short month, February sure managed to pack in a lot of these things…

What I’ve Done

Activity levels were good, and despite a range (knee, back, neck, shoulders) of niggly injuries I’ve managed to keep to some sort of programme. Swapped some running for cycling…

Numbers. And Graphs. Lots of Graphs.

After one month it’s time to look at how things are going and what results have been achieved. Hopefully the results are good… This is part 3 of a year long project. Part 1 is here, part 2 is here.

What I’ve done

I’ve kept to an overall calorie deficit every day (with one notable exception but I’ll come to that) and managed an overall deficit of 7,681 calories, which works out at around 248 calories per day. Calorie counting is obviously not an exact science but in theory, this should equate to about 1kg of weight lost.

I’ve exercised extensively. 14 weightlifting…

Just before the incident with the fence

I thought 10 days in would be a good point to review where things are at. It’s given me a full week plus (crucially) 2 weekends with which to measure whether my approach is workable — in terms of results I’ll obviously have to keep it up a bit longer.

Part 1 is here.


Activity level has been high. I’ve completed 5 sessions of a full-body 2 day push-pull routine, and followed each session with a 15–30 minute HIIT workout. This is probably not optimal for building muscle but I’m burning a lot of extra calories this way. I’m still…

Me. At peak fitness in 2020. You should see not-peak fitness.

I will certainly not be the only person who decides that they are going to get fit this year. In fact, as a general rule there are probably more people that think this than don’t. This one’s different.

About Me

I’m a 43 (soon to be 44) year old male who is in (kinda) OK shape. I play a bit of sport (amateur american football mainly), lift some weights and do the odd bit of running / cycling. My diet varies between just about OK and much less than OK depending on what kind of mood I’m in — beer, pizza and…

Ben Watson

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